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60 MINUTES• $19.40

75 MINUTES• $26.95


Kaygees Gymnastics has a proud tradition of offering trampoline classes for kids of all ages. Our trampolining program allows children to learn skills on both the trampoline and double mini trampoline while also developing their strength and fitness. Perfect for current gymnasts looking to develop their skills or beginners that feel traditional gymnastics is not the sport for them. Come learn to jump, twist and sault with our team of qualified accredited trampoline coaches.

Trampolining is a discipline that many of our gymnasts have found compliments their recreational gymnastics classes. The two sports run hand-in-hand at Kaygees, with many of our gymnasts being proficient in both.


“The coaches, Hugh and Finbarr are amazing. They are so patient and encouraging. My son sometimes struggles with receiving feedback but Hugh and Finbarr deliver it wonderfully.Its rare for my son to try anything new , they have made this a great experience.” -Kaygees parent

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