Pre-School Gymnastics

KinderGym & KangaGym

Pre-school Gymnastics provides an excellent foundation to beginning gymnastics  
(or many other sports) at a school age as it allows children to explore their physical abilities through a wide range of movement activities.

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Walking - 3

35 Minutes


The KangaGym gymnastics class is open to all children who have begun walking up to the age of 3. Each class is guided by two qualified instructors who encourage explorative learning. Parent or guardian support is required throughout the entirety of the class.   


3y - Prep

45 Minutes


Our KinderGym gymnastics class is open to children aged 3 to 5 years old. Each class is guided by two qualified instructors who will help your child with the development of confidence and co-ordination, in an environment they feel comfortable in.

During the class, parents or guardians support their child’s learning by accompanying them through a range of fun and challenging activities. Have fun with your child in a safe and supportive environment!

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