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We have something for everyone!

Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics classes are designed for school-age gymnasts aged 5 to 17 and run from Monday to Saturday. There are classes available for all abilities, from brand new gymnasts with no experience to more advanced gymnasts looking for a new challenge.
At Kaygees, we can help your child develop their confidence and coordination in a fun and friendly environment.

Pre-School Gymnastics

Pre-school gymnastics provides an excellent foundation to beginning gymnastics  (or many other sports) at a school age as it allows children to explore their physical abilities through a wide range of movement activities.

Mens Artistic Gymnastics

MAG is a program specialising in male gymnastics which includes all male apparatuses.  


 Our trampolining program allows children to learn skills on both the trampoline and double mini trampoline while also developing their strength and fitness. Perfect for current gymnasts looking to develop their skills or beginners that feel traditional gymnastics is not the sport for them.
Come learn to jump, twist and sault with our team of qualified accredited trampoline coaches.

Adults Gymnastics

Our Adults Gymnastics program is open to adults aged 18+. We cater for a wide range of abilities; our classes are perfect for beginner adults looking for an introduction to gymnastics, athletes from other sports wanting to learn specific skills or ex-gymnasts looking to get back into training. Whatever your aim is, our professional and qualified staff can help you achieve your goal.


Gymstar, a selection based gymnastics program, is a fun recreational competitive program that focuses on participation and enjoyment. Throughout the year, gymnasts are given the opportunity to learn routines on six major apparatus – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, P-Bars and Rings.

Gymstar competitions allow gymnasts to perform these routines in front of their friends and family in a low-stress, friendly and supportive environment.

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