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August Fundraising 2022!

Hi Kaygees Family!

As you might know, we have been working towards fundraising for a new set of uneven bars, ours have been broken for a long time! Last term we did pajama week and we raised a total of $558, which brought us about 1/3rd of the way to our new bars. We are so touched by the generosity of everyone who donated and continues to support our gym.

We are going to do a big fundraising push in August to try and get our bars replaced by the end of this year! Below you'll find some ways we will be fundraising in August and how you can get involved! As a community run not-for-profit, all donations will go directly towards replacing the bars.

Grill'd Local Matters Jar - Grill'd Fairfield

For the whole of August Kaygees will have our own Local Matters jar at Grill'd Fairfield. When you purchase a burger at Grill'd Fairfield, you can drop your token into the Kaygees Gymnastics jar. The jar that has the most tokens at the end of August will receive a donation of $300 from Grill'd. So head on down to Grill'd Fairfield, get a delicious burger and pop your token in the Kaygees Jar! Yum!

Rainbow Week - 1st - 6th August 2022

The first week of August will be rainbow week! We're asking everyone to dress in their favourite bright colours to help us turn the gym into a rainbow! Wear your favourite colour or colours and bring a gold coin donation to pop into the jar at reception. If you can't pick just one colour, then layer on as many bright colours as you wish! We look forward to seeing everyone's outfits!

Bring a Guardian to Gymnastics Week - 29th August - 4th September 2022

In week 8 of term - the last week of August we will be running bring a guardian to gymnastics week! We are giving parents the chance to join in on the gymnastics fun! For this week, parents can bring a gold coin donation and join in on their gymnastics classes, have some fun and learn some new skills. This special person does not have to be a parent, they can be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, nanny, guardian or older sibling - as long as they're an adult who wants to join in on the fun!

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