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2023 AGM outcomes

Pictured: The Lomond Hotel, site of our AGM

Our Thanks

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks and well-wishes along with Lisa Sherry and Megan O'Donnell on their future journeys. Both have served with great dedication as committee members.

Current office bearers

President, Hannah Rodda. Vice President, Stephanie Darlington. Treasurer, Jeremy Darlington. Secretary, Tracy Masur.

President's report

We started the year of 2023 in a stable financial position. Our classes began being relatively full and we continued to focus on the development and progression of our coaches. Hannah completed her Advanced coaching accreditation and the senior team put in place a support system for our beginner and intermediate coaches. This is aimed to further support them with a high focus on building their confidence and continual skill progression.

Data security was a big focus for Kaygees in 2023. I would like to say a big thank you to Neil Hooke and Tracy Masur who got together to develop and further actioned a plan for securing the club's data by limiting the number of applications and software we use.

At the start of the year we were issued with a letter from the council and our landlord. As a committee guided by Tracy Masur and Steph Darlington we engaged and employed Kathy Robinson (ex committee member) Architect to make sure that we have and will tick all required boxes to meet their requests.

Our kindergym program was another focus for the year at Kaygees. We targeted kindergym marketing through our social media and by placing posters up in local business and community centres/organisations to help improve our numbers by increasing the awareness of our program for the pre-school kids.

Our gymstar competition season was very successful for this year. We had gymnasts representing Kaygees across a wide range of levels by attending 12 competitions. All our gymnasts worked incredibly hard, and made us proud with their determination and cheerful attitude. We also had an in-house adults gym competition which went very well.

We leave 2023 in a stable financial position with a positive cash flow.

Kaygees raised around $1300 through multiple club fundraisers and for the month of August was part of the local matters through Grill’d Fairfield. We also now sell Kaygees Tote bags and travel mugs that can be purchased through the office. With this money we are in the process of purchasing new mats.

As of this year we now provide a student discount to adults, this is 10% off adults gym classes.

There are a few people and organisations I would like to thank for having such a positive impact on Kaygees throughout the year of 2023 and these include:

  • Our management team; Hannah (coaching coordinator) and Tracy (office coordinator), along with the senior team members; Steph, Matilda, Nadine, Hugh & Tallulah who have worked extremely hard and put in a lot of effort over the year to keep things around Kaygees operation and functioning smoothly.

  • All members of the committee for their time and participation in meetings and important decisions for the club to make it who we are today.

  • Our staff for their hard work and maintaining a high level of coaching quality and admin assistance.

  • Our community who continue to support kaygees and donated so generously to help keep the club afloat during fundraising events has enabled us to purchase equipment throughout 2023.

I am extremely proud of the position we are in as a club and look forward to working with everyone in 2024.

Hannah Rodda

Club President

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