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Birthday Party FAQs:

What is the cancellation policy?

If the birthday party is cancelled two weeks prior to the birthday party date the fee is fully refundable. If the party is cancelled within the two week period prior to the party a $75 cancellation fee will be incurred.

Can we have more than 16 kids attend the party?

No. We are extremely firm on a maximum of 16 children attending the party, including the birthday child and younger siblings. This is to ensure safe coach to child ratios.

Can children under 5 years attend?

No. The only exception we will make is younger siblings of the birthday child who must be accompanied by a parent at all times on the floor. If the birthday child is turning 5, all other attendees must be 5 years or over as well. This is for safety reasons.

Can younger siblings join in?

Yes younger siblings can join in provided they are listed as guests on the party booking form.


Are parents allowed on the floor?

We are happy for parents to come onto the gym floor as long as shoes are removed. We require that parents with children under 5 join in to assist their child.

Can the participants return to the gym floor after eating?

No.  It is our experience that excited party goers, party food and gym activity don't mix well.   That is why we leave the allocated 30 minutes at the end of the session to eat and drink on the mezzanine.

Can I arrive earlier than 15 minutes before hand?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate for families arriving earlier than 15 minutes before the start time. However, please remember that parents have an hour and a half while the participants are on the floor to set up for the last half hour.


What sort of games do you play?

Depending on the age of the participants we can play a range of structured games. Some examples include hide and seek, poison ball, scarecrow tiggy, giants treasure, musical statues, relay races, parachute etc.


Can we request specific games?

Yes, you may request specific games prior to the party however whether these games are possible are up to the discretion of the coaches on the day. Our coaches are very happy to run pass the parcel or other standard birthday games.


Are there prizes for the games?

We do not provide prizes for the games however, if parents would like to provide prizes our coaches would be happy to award them throughout the party.


Why do we need to provide names of the participants?

Kaygees requires names of the participants to ensure that all participants are insured while on the gymnastics floor.

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